There are several lighting aspects that you have to consider for you to transport form. The terminator line is one of the most beneficial fundamental.

The terminator line is the switching zone between the light areas and shadow areas. The shadow’s darker part will start directly after the terminator line finishes. Until it meets a secondary source of light, it would look as a dark gradating band.  In this situation, the secondary light source will be a bounce light. A bounce light happens the moment you main key light hits the other surface and bounces back on the subject. When you like to know more how to draw people, this is a typical lighting option for figure drawing while it clearly defines form.

The terminator line would be more gradual once your key light becomes softer. Moreover, surface texture will be more obvious in this part. Frequently, textures lose their visibility in the shadows but turns out to be more defined on surfaces which are well-lit. At the mid-value range, the textures—like the terminator—will frequently be the strongest. Moreover, once you add a darker band to the highlight edge segregates lighting clearly and it will convey a greater sense of solidity and form. Also, it will look more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Add a terminator line

As seen most of the figure drawings, a terminator is beneficial to quickly develop forms. The terminator line is the dark band that looks between 2 light’s meeting sources.  After you sketch in the silhouette and outline of your figure, you can add the terminator line to separate the area and the main light source of the shadow. This is a great approach since its very time efficient and quick to use.

  1. Add parallel lines

You can block in the shadow area with the terminator in place and you can use thick parallel hatching lines in the background as well. Separating the shadow and light in this easy way can help in defining the shape and imply forms immediately. Also, filling in the background can give you the chance to lose edges in the shadows and pull your focus back into essential areas.

  1. Add details and refine

Now that the lighting has been defined on your figure, you can start in adding smaller details and start refining values. Considering to keep bounce light, most of the shadow values do not go darker compared to the terminator. Utilizing a blending stump you can smooth gradients easily and soften forms. You can also add texture to the character through utilizing cross-hatching and break up some empty spaces that unnecessary.