You want to have the correct drawing equipment at the ready whenever you are starting a new illustration – whether you are doing highly realistic pencil drawings or some quick sketches. However, choosing the ideal pencils for your needs could feel like a trial and error process.

A lot of professionals suggest buying one of every grade from 9B to 9H when first becoming familiar with using pencils for drawing. This is for you to get acquainted with the dark/soft and light/hard qualities of each. Experiment with different surfaces, and try a huge range of mark-making and strokes.

In this article, we will run through several various drawing tool choices you could try out.

  • Graphite Pencils

You would want to stick with the familiar if you are just starting out. The most common type of drawing tool is the graphite pencil since their composition enables for the smoothest strokes.

Though, once you develop your confidence, it is time to enhance your scope. For example, you can try solid graphite pencils. These are solid clay composite and graphite sticks that have no casing other than a label or wrapper. They are frequently called woodless pencils and are utilized mainly for art purposes. This is because the lack of casing enables for covering bigger areas more easily. This creates various effects.

  • Charcoal Pencils

As the name suggests, charcoal pencils are made of charcoal and offer a much darker shade than graphite pencils. However, they appear to easily smudge and are rougher than graphite. Also, white and sepia-toned pencils are available for double-tone techniques.

  • Ink

Drawing is not simply about pencils, of course. Ink drawing is another common method that could lead to several amazing outcomes. Traditional ink and pen consists of white paper and black ink. This creates space through thin or thick lines. For texture, you can just repeat marks. There are a lot of choices for working in ink. Therefore, you would need to look for the one that best suits you. You could do this by experimenting, just like graphite.

  • Pastels

You would possible want to try pastels if you like your drawing to feature colors that are vibrant. Pastels are an amazing tool for easily creating colourful artwork, with no need for palettes, brushes, or water. The main forms of pastels are water soluble pastels, pastel pencils, oil pastels, and hard and soft pastels.

  • Watercolor and Carbon Pencils

And, that isn’t all. You could also try utilizing carbon pencils. These pencils creates a fuller black than graphite pencils. However, they are much smoother than charcoal. There are grease pencils that write on most surfaces. This includes photographs, metal, plastic, and glass.

In addition to that, there are watercolour pencils, developed for use with watercolour methods. Also, they could be utilized for bold and sharp lines. For short, there is a world of various drawing tools out there. Thus, begin trying various drawing tools. Do not hold back.