In order to engage customers online, marketers must go where they’re already hanging out. They can’t scavenge content on their own. The first online engagement tip is to be active across all channels. Respond to every message or comment. Make yourself relatable. Use PowerPoints and create spaces for individual and collaborative comments. Also, make sure to respond to every message, even the most innocuous ones. Here are some other online engagement tips to consider: 

Make Yourself Relatable 

People connect with other people when they find themselves in common experiences, as outlined by Voy Media. Whether it’s in person or online, people find common ground when they see themselves in a post or conversation. While writing your initials at the end of your responses can help you show your human side, it is not the only way to demonstrate your relatability. Often, communicating in the first person or with a relatable voice already conveys this human quality. 

Use PowerPoints 

A PowerPoint presentation has many uses, including for teaching and training purposes. It can be used to introduce new concepts and reinforce existing knowledge. A creative nontraditional use for PowerPoint is as a timed quiz to drill simple recall content. Use numbered slides with a transition sound so your audience is encouraged to keep up. You can use PowerPoints to communicate information to online audiences. Here are some other ways to use PowerPoint for online engagement. 

Make Sure You Have an Engaging Theme  

Make sure your presentation has an engaging theme. PowerPoints can contain multimedia elements, including text, graphics, sound, and animations. You can even add music soundtracks and sound effects to help reinforce key points. You can add a custom background music track to your presentation for an engaging atmosphere. If possible, use only the fonts and styles that match the theme of your website. Some PowerPoints also include video tutorials.