Gessoing is an art technique that is used to prepare a panel in a manner that it will be suitable for painting. The whole process only takes a few things to prepare and to do and is very easy to prepare, given that you already have the necessary materials and tools.

Smoothen The Surface

Prepare your panel for the gesso. Most people use an extra-fine sanding block for the surface, then proceed with the process by wiping the residue with a damp sponge. You can opt for a panel that is already smooth on both sides with panels that are pre-cut to standard frame size.

Spread The Gesso

To apply the gesso, you can use a grooved adhesive spreader or a toothed kind, and make sure that the whole panel is covered equally. Make sure that the whole panel is equally covered for it is vital for the next and final step. It is also vital that you choose a gesso that is of good quality.

Smooth The Gesso

To smooth the gesso, you can use a taping knife. Start by pulling it first in a single direction across the panel, and then proceed to the opposite direction. Make sure to apply just enough pressure for you to smoothen the surface; otherwise you’ll scrape all of the applied gesso.